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Home Camera Accessories 4 in 1 General Cleaning Kit
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4 in 1 General Cleaning Kit
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4 in 1 General Cleaning Kit

Price per Unit (piece): $22.00

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Lens Pen

    * Environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
    * Removes dust, erases smudges and does not leave residue.
    * 100% safe to all lenses.
    * Unique cleaning compound will not spill or dry out.
    * Perfect for cleaning digital SLR, SLR, digital camera lens, binocular lens, and telescope lens.

Air Blower

    * Made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic silicone rubber - resistant to fire.
    * "Brushes" away unwanted dust from your sensors, lenses, or other sensitive equipment with a powerful blast of clean air.

Microfibre Cloth

    * Microfibre Cloth is sufer-fine. Safe to use on optical surfaces.
    * It can be used dry and wet on camera lenses with no streaks, for AV devices, cell phone screens, discs, glasses, computer screens, jewelry, etc.

Usage Method:

Remove dust from lens surface with convenient retractable brush and air blower.
Remove cap of lens pen and polish by circular motion with the unique flexible cleaning tip.
If some dirt still, breathe gently on the surface and polish again.
Cover the tip and give the cap a twist. Twisting the cap to replenish the unique cleaning pad.

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