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Epson Enhanced Matte 24"x30.5mWireless Camera Remote Control for Canon

Wireless Camera Remote Control for Nikon
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Wireless Camera Remote Control for Nikon

Price per Unit (piece): $149.00

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As a new updated model, the PLATO is a hybrid (wired and wireless) shutter release for cameras.  The pack for the PLATO consists of a small remote control (transmitter), receiver and either one of the optional cables depending on the model of camera to be controlled.  The working distance is 100 meters (320ft) and the remote uses the 2.4 GHz band. The PLATO supports the following functions: single shot mode, 2 seconds delay, continuous, as well as bulb mode. The PLATO can be used with a wide variety of cameras – just plug in a suitable cable to the receiver. Complete list of connecting cables available is provided below.  Uses AAA batteries.

The receiver can be attached to the hot shoe of the camera (facing forwards or backwards), or simply be placed alongside. The remote’s shutter release button functions similarly to that of the camera’s:  a half press initiates autofocus on the camera and a complete press of the button takes a snap.  Pressing the “mode” button, you can choose on of the following modes:

s - acts like a single press of your camera’s shutter release.
2S - single exposures with a 2-second delay
continious  -  will cause the remote to trigger multiple individual releases. 
bulb – for long exposure

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