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Dust Aid Cleaning Strip
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Dust Aid Cleaning Strip

Price per Unit (piece): $16.50

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Cleaning Strips for DUST-AID Platinum.
These CLEANING STRIPS are used to clean dust and fibers from DUST-AID Platinum silicone before the DUST-AID Platinum is used on a sensor filter.

The CLEANING STRIPS are made with a specially formulated adhesive that will not transfer to DUST-AID Platinum. Purchasing additional CLEANING STRIPS will allow the user to lengthen the life span and use of DUST-AID Platinum.

To use the cleaning strip all you need to do is remove one white tab to expose the cleaning adhesive, place the Platinum silicone flat onto the adhesive, remove the silicone from the adhesive and replace the white tab backwards onto the adhesive so you will know you used that section.

NOTE: You might want to clean the sides of the silicone also. To do this first clean the base of the silicone with the cleaning strip and then the four exposed silicone side walls.

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