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Canson Arches Montval Aquarelle A3 (25)Canson Arches Edition Etching Rag A3 (25)

Presslite Vertex
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Presslite Vertex

Price per Unit (piece): $90.00
You Save: $21.00

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The PRESSlite VerteX™ is an innovative new light modifier that gives you an unprecedented level of control over the light flow from your swivel-head flash.

Engineered in Silicon Valley, this device's unique tilt, twist and pivot actions enable the user to reflect and redirect light in multiple directions simultaneously from a single flash unit! In combination with the available motion of your swivel-head flash, you have virtually unlimited available angles from which light can be projected.

Unlike any other light modifier currently on the market, this breakthrough device has been designed for exceptional durability from the highest quality of hybrid plastic, elastomer and magnetic materials, delivering fluid movement, superior mechanical functionality and lasting reliability. 


Sleek professional styling enhances your image, as you respond to the demands of Move&Modify photojournalism. 

The demos and galleries at this site will help you better understand the unique and valuable functionalities of the PRESSlite VerteX™!

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