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Canson Water Resistant Matte Canvas 36"x12.2mPhottix Odin Canon TTL 2.4Ghz Set

i1Display 2
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i1Display 2

Price per Unit (piece): $363.00
You Save: $66.00

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i1Display 2 – Affordable, accurate and consistent colour
The i1Display 2 is a powerful, professional monitor profiling solution and the key to accurate, predictable on-screen colour. 

Ideal for photographers, creative directors, publishers and designers, the i1Display 2 monitor profiling solution, calibrates and profiles any flat panel LCD, CRT or laptop display. Connected and powered via any USB port, the i1Display 2 monitor calibrator, can also be used at multiple workstations with no additional licensing fee, allowing you to establish consistent colour throughout a studio. 

The i1Display 2 monitor calibration solution, boasts the latest i1Match software, a simple to use interface that provides an ‘Easy Mode’ for great results with just a few clicks, plus an ‘Advanced Mode’ for experienced users to achieve the best possible monitor calibration. 

The i1Display 2 offers numerous functions and features, including:


  • Calibrate and profile any flat panel, LCD, CRT or Laptop display
  • Built-in counterweight
  • Use at unlimited workstations with the single license
  • Intuitive and easy to use with built-in i1Match software
  • Connect and power via a USB port
  • Built-in suction cups for profiling displays with a hood

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