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PPL-400 Portable Flash Unit
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PPL-400 Portable Flash Unit

Price per Unit (piece): $995.00

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THE ALL NEW PPL-400 PORTABLE FLASH HEAD is based on a consequent alignment of our products with the changing market needs and trends. 

PPL-400 Portable flash units are as they are: small, compact, light weight, low-priced and good quality - and simply the best with regard to the price/performance ratio in the world.


One of the most popular features of the PPL-400 Portable flash unit is it's super fast flash duration for stopping high speed objects using the most advanced IGBT control technology at present in the world.

So it has high-speed flash duration as quick as 13,000th of a second and stable color temperature.

(IGBT means, insulated-gate bipolar transistors)


T1 times.

(FP is 1/64th of 500ws)

1/64 FP 1/13000
1/32 F2 1/11000
1/16 F3 1/9000
1/8   F4 1/6000
1/4   F5 1/4000


Product Description

A quick rundown of the Benefits of Nickel-Hydrogen Silver technology are:

very high energy output
very high power 
excellent cycling performance
high reliability
wide range of chargeability 
permanent charge capability 
excellent charge efficiency
good storage capability
environmentally friendly
zero maintenance & zero memory.

Nickel-Hydrogen Silver battery means the PPL-400 unit can flash 650 times at full power and at 1/64 output it can flash 35,000 times.

PPL-400 Portable Flash Features:

1.The PPL-400 flash lamp is the smallest size flash, compared with other output flash products, at present.

It is the embodiment of precision and advanced image instrument in the digital-time. It suits  the different shooting requirements of professional photographers. With the development of the shooting technology, it also shows the multi-function to meet this trend.

2. This type of flash has the output from 1/1 with full power battery to 1/64. And there is a 7 stop aperture range.

3.  The flash system makes use of the advanced IGBT control technology at present in the world. It has high-speed and stable color temperature.

4. High-speed continuous shooting is particularly outstanding. FP function up to 9 times per second in continuous flash speed in shooting, helps you catch the key moment, and fully trust its great performance.

5. User-friendly design with stroboscopic mode, offers a great help for photographers. It not only allows the intensity of the different shooting under bracketing mode, but also helps you develop creativity. It can not only adjust stroboscopic frequency, but also adjusts the intervals of stroboscopic. It creates outstanding performance in different environments.

Remark: This power pack supports Nikon (e.g.SB900) and Canon (e.g.580) flashguns. You just need to buy a Nikon/Canon connection cable. Good compatibility offers many advantages for the Nikon and Canon user.

PPL-400 Portable Flash Unit
Manual Stops: 1/64 - 1/1


Flash Duration speed

FP 1/13000
F2 1/11000
F3 1/9000
F4 1/6000
F5 1/4000

Strobing Frequency 10 stops
Continuous shot  5/10/15/20
Nickel-Hydrogen Silver Battery 12v 3000mAh
Recycling time 0.1s to 3.5S
Output with battery 1/1 650 times; FP 35000 times
Charge mode insert 
Battery charging time  4 hours 
Battery load / unload  Combined type 
Overheat protection  Combined type 
Modeling lamp 12V35W (10 second timer.)
Warning tone  Yes 
Colour temperature 5500K ± 200K
Powerpack dimension(weight) 43 * 100 * 115 mm (295g)
Light head dimension(weight) 90 * 90 * 140 mm (900g)

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