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Nikon SB-900 Flash
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Nikon SB-900 Flash

Price per Unit (piece): $769.00

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The Nikon SB-900 provides a wide 17-200 mm auto zoom range (expanded from the SB-800’s 24-105mm), three illumination patterns, newly designed, streamlined operation with a full-information LCD panel, and AF-Assist illumination compatible with new-generation AF sensors.The SB-900 has an improved booster circuit for high-speed recycle time. In addition, firmware can be uploaded via a Nikon digital SLR camera—a world’s first* for flash units, assuring that the SB-900 can accept technological advancements. The SB-900 serves as the new core for the Nikon Creative Lighting System when used in combination with current Nikon digital SLRs, and it supports Advanced Wireless Lighting as a master or a remote Speedlight, inviting photographers to explore the many creative possibilities.

  • Multi-step auto zoom covers wide 17-200mm zoom range (24-105mm:SB-800)
  • Three illumination patterns (standard, center-weighted and even) are available to match each shooting environment
  • Automatically detects Nikon FX and Nikon DX formats and selects suitable light distribution
  • Improved booster circuit for high-speed recycle time: Recycle time using four AA-size batteries is almost equal to the SB-800 with five AA-size batteries
  • New AF-Assist illumination covers a wide 20-105 mm focal range compatible with the new Multi-CAM3500 FX/DX AF sensor
  • Firmware update via Nikon D3 and D700 is possible (world’s first*)
  • Thermal Cut-out function limits the number of flashes to avoid deterioration of light emitting parts caused by continuous flash firing
  • Automatically detects color filters (fluorescent or incandescent), enabling camera to control color temperature according to filter information from SB-900
  • Improved switch panel for enhanced usability
  • Improved GUI using a large-size LCD dot panel
  • Bounce capability: tilts up to 90º, down to -7º, rotates horizontally 180º to right and left
  • Advanced Wireless Lighting and versatile functions for up to three remote groups of SB-900s or other compatible Speedlight controlled through the master SB-900
  • Optional Water Guard WG-AS1 (for D3), WG-AS2 (for D300), and WG-AS3 (for D700) is useful for protecting the camera's hot shoe contact when the SB-900 is mounted on these Nikon digital SLR cameras

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