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Dust Aid

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Dust Cloth for wet cleans


The Dust-Cloth contains 50 non-woven cloths for wrapping around the Dust-Wands.
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Dust Aid Cleaning Strip


These CLEANING STRIPS are used to clean dust and fibers from DUST-AID Platinum silicone before the DUST-AID Platinum is used on a sensor filter.
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Dust Aid Ultra Clean Liquid 15ml


Ultra Clean is a non-flammable cleaning liquid that contains the least amount of residue after evaporation when compared to any other sensor cleaning liquid. This means no streaking after evaporation.
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Dust Aid Platinum Kit


DUST-AID™ Platinum takes dry sensor cleaning to a whole new level. Dust Aid have taken dry sensor filter cleaning to a whole new level with the introduction of our new, patent pending, Platinum DSLR Cleaner. It's now possible to clean any sensor filter n
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Dust Aid Wand Kit


The DUST-WAND™ KIT brings versatility and speed to DSLR sensor filter wet cleaning. This wet do-it-yourself wrapping kit is a very cost effective way to clean welded-on dust from your entire collection of DSLR camera bodie
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Dust Aid Combo Kit


The Combo Kit includes the Dust-Wand Kit for wet cleaning and the Dust-Aid Platinum for dry cleaning. It's a complete solution for welded and static held dust and fibers on any sensor filter.
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